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Sacred Geometry

19 18 Pyramid Pie a marriage of everything There is perhaps no more famous a geometric object on Earth than the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt with its strange passages and enigmatic chambers. The five diagrams opposite show 1 The 51.8o slope of the Great Pyramid means the square of its height produces an area equal to that of each face. 2 The golden section in the pyramid, 1.618 see page 24. 3 Pi in the pyramid. Pi, or , defines the ratio between a circle s circumference and its diameter 3.14159.... 4 The pyramid squaring the circle see page 14. 5 A pentagram defining a net for the pyramid cut and fold Geometry means Earth measure and the Pyramid functions as a ridiculously accurate sundial, observatory, surveyor s tool and repository for standard weights and measures. Its perimeter is exactly half a degree of equatorial latitude. A 345 triangle fits the shape of the King s chamber below and gives the angle of slope of the second pyramid at Giza. Halfway between the two slopes is 51.4o, one seventh of a circle. a map of the Earth square of height area of face the golden section in the pyramid cosine of slope 0.618 pi in the pyramid perimeter 2 p height circumference of circle on height perimeter of pyramid base constructing the pyramid from a pentagram drawn in a circle
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