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Sacred Geometry

17 16 the Canon the numbers of the heavens and earth Certain numbers like each other. As we have seen, if the Moons radius is three then the Earths is eleven. The portal door of Gerum Church in Gothland, Sweden opposite clearly shows a deliberate 3 by 11. Three elevens is thirtythree and Irish and Norse myths abound with tales of 33 warriors. Jesus is reborn at 33, and from any given place on Earth, the Sun takes 33 years before it rises exactly over the same point on a distant horizon. Seven also works with both 3 and 11 as the earths tilt, often hidden in sacred art as the tilt of a holy head, is quickly produced as the diagonal of a rectangle 3 wide and 7 high. Finally 117 is half of . Another important marriage is between five and eight. Shown below is a extremely close proportional agreement. In both diagrams the inner circle could be either the size or orbit of the planet Mercury if the outer circle is taken as being the size or orbit of Earth. Venus, not shown, sits between Mercury and Earth and draws a huge pentagonal figure in our sky every eight years.
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