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Sacred Geometry

15 14 CirCLing the Square the marriage of heaven and earth The circle is the shape traditionally assigned to the Heavens, and the square to the Earth. When these two shapes are unified by being made equal in area or perimeter we speak of squaring the circle, meaning that Heaven and Earth, or Spirit and Matter, are symbolically combined, or married. Fivefold Man exists between sixfold Heaven and fourfold Earth and Leonardo da Vincis image opposite also shows how a mans span equals his height, that this measure equals seven of his feet and other important ratios. Amazingly, the Earth and the Moon square the circle, for if the Moon diameter 3 is drawn down to the Earth diameter 11 then a heavenly circle through the Moon dotted below centre has radius 7, and so circumference 44, the same as the perimeter of the square around the Earth. This works because , relating the circumference of a circle to its diameter is practically 227. In Leonardos image the Moon would fit above the mans head. Also shown below left and right is a construction for a square using ruler and compasses. Octagons soon follow.
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