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Sacred Geometry

12 the Five eLementS a brief foray into the third dimension Although outside the scope of this book, it is worth mentioning that there are just five regular threedimensional solids. Each has equal edges, every face is the same perfect polygon and every point is the same distance from the centre. Known as the five Platonic Solids, they were recognised in the British Isles two thousand years before Plato 4000 yearold sets of them have been found at stone circles in Aberdeenshire, Scotland below, after Crtichlow. The first solid is the tetrahedron, with four vertices and four faces of equilateral triangles, traditionally representing the element of Fire. The second solid is the octahedron, made from six points and eight equilateral triangles, representing Air. The Cube is the third solid, eight vertices and six square faces, representing Earth. The fourth is the icosahedron, with twelve points and twenty faces of equilateral triangles, the element of Water. The last, fifth, element is the dodecahedron, which has twenty vertices, representing the mysterious fifth element of Aether. Notice how beautiful the dodecahedron is, and how it is made of twelve pentagons, perfect fivesided shapes. tetrahedron octahedron cube dodecahedron icosahedron 13
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