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Sacred Geometry

10 tweLve around one how to draw a dodecagon As one produces six, so six produces twelve. The arms of the sixpointed star extend to intersect the outer rims of the six circles to form a perfect overall division of space into twelve parts shown opposite. The perfect twelvesided polygon is called a dodecagon, which means twelve sided A dodecagon is made from six squares and six equilateral triangles fitted around a hexagon can you see them all opposite In addition, the twelve divides into three, four and six as four triangles, three squares or two hexagons as shown in the lower row opposite. Shown below is the threedimensional version of the same story. A ball naturally fits twelve others around it so that they all touch the centre and four neighbours. The shape made is called the cuboctahedron and is closely related to the tetrahedron and cube we saw on page five. Many crystals grow along these lines. Twelve is the number which fits around one in three dimensions in the same way that six fits around one in two dimensions. The New Testament is a story of a teacher with twelve disciples. 11
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