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Sacred Geometry

6 one, two three playing with circles Get a ruler, compasses, something to draw with and something to draw on. Draw a horizontal line across the page. Open the compasses and place the point on the line. Draw a circle top. Where the circle has cut the line, place the point and draw another circle, the same size as the first. When one circle is drawn over another like this so that their rims pass through each others centres, then an almond shape, the vesica piscis, literally fishs bladder, is formed. It is one of the first things that circles can do. Christ is often depicted inside a vesica. Two equilateral triangles have been defined opposite centre. If a third circle is added on the other side of the forming circle then all six points of a perfect hexagon are defined. Otherwise another circle can be drawn from the top or bottom of the vesica to produce the triangular figure below. Circles thus effortlessly produce perfect triangles and hexagons. 7
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