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Sacred Geometry

5 4 SPhere, tetrahedron Cube from two to three dimensions Although this book concerns itself primarily with the plane, the three ways are here taken one step further i The circle spins to become a sphere. Something circular remains essentially circular top row opposite. ii The triangle produces a fourth point at an equal distance from the other three to produce a tetrahedron. One equilateral triangle has made three more central row opposite. iii The square lifts a second square away from itself until another four squares are formed and a cube is created lower row opposite. Notice how the essential division into circularity, triangularity and squareness from the previous page is preserved. The sphere possesses the smallest surface area for its volume of any possible threedimensional solid whereas, amongst regular solids, the tetrahedron is the opposite. They therefore represent the outbreath and the inbreath of the simple solids. The triangle, positioned as it is on this and the previous page, between symbols for Heaven and Earth, may be said to represent Man, when pointing up, and Woman, when pointing down, both of whom stand between Heaven and Earth, and whose compound symbol is the famous hexagram or Star of David. The simple and profound symbolism of these primary forms rewards repeated contemplation. rotate a circle create a sphere move a vertex make a tetrahedron translate a square produce a cube
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