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Sacred Geometry

3 2 Point, Line and PLane none, one and two dimensions Begin with a sheet of paper. The point is the first thing that can be done. It is with out di men sion and is not in space. Without an in side or an out side, the point is the source for all which now follows. The point is represented below as a small circular dot. The first dimension, the line, comes into being as the One emerges into two principles, active and passive below right. The point chooses somewhere outside of itself, a direction. Separation has occurred and the line comes into being. A line has no thickness, and it is sometimes said that a line has no end. Three ways now become apparent opposite i With one end of the line stationary, or passive, the other is free to rotate and describe a circle, representing Heaven. ii The active point can move to a third position equidistant from the other two, thus describing an equilateral triangle. iii The line can produce another which moves away until distances are equal to form a square, representing Earth. Three forms, circle, triangle and square have manifested. All are rich in meaning. Our journey has begun. rotate a line create a circle move a vertex make a triangle translate a line produce a square
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