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Sacred Geometry

1 INTRODUCTION Sacred Geometry charts the unfolding of number in space. The basic journey is from the single point, into the line, out to the plane, through to the third dimension and beyond, eventually returning to the point again, all the time watching what happens on the way. This small book covers the elements of twodimensional geometry the unfolding of number on a flat surface. Another book in this series unfolds the threedimensional geometrical story. This material has been used for a very long time indeed as one introduction to metaphysics. Like the elements of its sister subject, music, it is an aspect of revelation, a bright indisputable shadow of Reality and a creation myth in itself. Number, Music, Geometry and Cosmology are the four great Liberal Arts of the ancient world. These are simple universal languages, as relevant today as they have always been, and still found in all known sciences and cultures without disagreement. Indeed, one would expect any reasonably intelligent three dimensional being anywhere in the universe to know about them in much the same way as they are presented here. I do hope you enjoy this little volume and I urge further reading in this series for a deeper picture.
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