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Sacred Geometry

To the designers of the future, young and old. Another book in this series, Platonic and Archimedean Solids by Daud Sutton deals with the allimportant third dimension. My sincere thanks to my teachers Prof. Keith Critchlow, John Michell, Dr. Khaled Azzam, Paul Marchant, Robin Heath, Michael Glickman Dr. Stephan Ren, Tony Ashton and Buckminster Fuller. Point, Line and Plane 2 Sphere, Tetrahedron and Cube 4 One, Two and Three 6 Six around One 8 Twelve around One 10 The Five Elements 12 Circling the Square 14 The Canon 16 Pyramid Pie 18 The Half and the Third 20 The Shapes of Sounds 22 The Golden Section 24 Some Special Spirals 28 How to draw a Pentagon 26 Constructing a Heptagon 30 Extracting an Enneagon 32 Coin Circles 34 Simple Tilings 36 Further Tilings 38 The Smallest Part 40 Islamic Designs 42 A Church window 44 Trefoils and Quatrefoils 46 Stone Circles and Churches 48 Delightful Arches 50 A Celtic Spiral 52 Pentagonal possibilities 54 The Seventeen Symmetries 56
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