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Runic Inscriptions

56 57 Feoh wealth Ur aurochs Thorn thorn Os mouth Rad riding Cen torch Gyfu gift Wynn joy Hgl hail Nyd need Is ice Ger harvest Eoh yew Peor birth Eolhx elksedge Sigel sun Divinatory Meanings Kennings survival, wealth, prosperity strength, healing, speed protection, emotional revelation communication, wisdom, learning journeys, advice, reception illumination, knowledge gift, exchange, agreement happiness, joy, fulfilment disruption, cleansing necessities, duty, friction clarity, stillness, impediment harvest, returns defence, action, purpose birth, revelation, rediscovery protection, warding, creativity light, health, wellbeing survival, wellbeing, resources perseverance, healing, change passive protection, sudden illumination wisdom, knowledge, communication journeys, transferal, receiving illumination, knowing, positivity balance, harmony, interchange wishing, fruition, wellbeing transformation, regeneration needs, binding, hopes clarity, lucidity, stopping flow completion, fruition protection, defence, warding revelation, initiation channelling, protection, stability sudden illumination, healing Magical corresponDences Frey, Freya, fireearth, linden Urd, earth Thunor, fire, Blackthorn, Oak Woden, air, Ash Thunor, air, Oak Freya, fire, Scots Pine Gefjon, fire, Yew Woden, air, Ash Hella, Urd, ice, Yew Loki, Sculd, ice, Ivy Verdandi, ice Yew Frigg, earth Apple Uller, ice, Yew Frigg, water, Birch Heimdall, air Oak Baldg, Sunna fire, Oak Deity eleMent tree naMe Meaning Tir Tiw Beorc birch Eh horse Man mankind Lagu water Ing Ing E el home Dg day Ac oak Aesc ash Yr axeham Iar river fish Ear grave Divinatory Meanings Kennings legalities, battles, competitiveness motherhood, maturity, provision partnership, loyalty, journeys humanity, friendship emotions, womanhood growth, change, transition property, family, home change, balance, positivity growth, faith, patience communication, information defence, action, protection stability, accord, contentment conclusions, returnings, endings victory, justice, directness purification, nurturing, completion movements, journeys, trust cooperation, reason, respect intuition, fertility, psychic powers new beginnings, plenty inheritance, ancestry light, balance, openings potential, increase intellect, expression defence, finding harmony, lucky star endings, completion, renewal Magical corresponDences Tiw, fire, Ash Frigg, water, earth, Birch HengestHorsa, water, Linden Heimdall, water, Holly Njord, water, Willow Ing, earth, Apple Woden, earth, Ash Esotara, fire, Oak Thunor, fire, Oak Woden, Air Ash Ullr, ice Yew Iar, water Willow Erce, earth, Yew Deity eleMent tree naMe Meaning As a magical script the runes were used to foretell what was to come and also to effect change. The earliest account of runic divination is recorded by the Roman historian and traveller Tacitus in his Germania. Symbols, probably runes, were etched upon staves of wood taken from a fruitbearing tree, scattered, and then three staves were taken and read by the officiant. Perhaps known in the Old English vocabulary as a runwita or runeknower, they acted as counsellors and advisors and would have been runcrftig, runeskilled. This old threefold method of divination is today known as asking the Norns, or the three sisters of Wyrd OE, fate or destiny, representing the past, present and future. The runes are believed to invoke this power of wyrd both to read the future and for personal guidance and transformation. The runes also relate intimately to the Heathen Deities that name each day of our week. Mythologically they are primarily connected with Woden, their legendary discoverer after whom Wednesday is named.
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