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Runic Inscriptions

50 51 Found inside a lead casket along with about a hundred silver coins in 1634 when a plough turned it out of the soils of Cambridgeshire, this AngloSaxon brooch measures over six inches in diameter and has been dated to the early eleventh century. It is now in the British Museum, London. Held between the nine pins on the front of the concave disc are four overlapping circles, each portraying a creature in zoomorphic design. Where the circles fuse a single eye motif is detailed. The back of the brooch contains an Old English Christian curse around its circumference against its theft. The supporting plate across the back once detailed a complete inscription but is now broken and displays only a fragmentary text. The runes remain undeciphered because of their unique form but various suggestions have been made, that this is a poor reproduction by inexperienced hands or an intelligent attempt by a runemaster to develop cryptic runes. the sutton sIlver dIsc another lost treasure
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