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Runic Inscriptions

48 49 An AngloSaxon short sword was known as a scramasax OE seaxor and this one was found in the bed of the Thames in 1857. Made of iron it measures over two feet in length. This expensive weapon has its runes and ornamentation expertly inlaid with contrasting alloys of copper, bronze and silver and is dated to the late eighth century. Twentyeight characters of the AngloSaxon Fuorc appear in sequence and demonstrate a singular development from the existing twentyfour rune Fuark. This is the foremost the thAmes scrAmAsAx an enchanted sword example found on the mainland where a complete Fuorc of runes appear. The maker or owners name, Beagnoth, is inscribed across the singlesided blade and is a likely Kentish name, possibly indicating too a Kentish origin for the blade. The recording of whole rune rows was a common magical facilitator and protector in its own right, having the same use on this scramasax to protect or aide the owner. This rare artifact is in the possesion of the British Museum. f u o r c g w h n i j eo p x s t b e d l m a u ea
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