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Runic Inscriptions

44 45 the Amulet rIngs three survive All bearing a similar magical inscription and dated from the eighth century this collection of talismanic rings were all found on the British mainland and mainly utilise the magical power of the number three and its multiples. Found in Cumberland the top ring opposite is made of gold and depicts thirty runes, three of them on the inside band. The middle ring is made of electrum, an alloy of silver and gold it bears thirtythree runes in three groups below and was found on Bramham Moor in Yorkshire. The bottom ring is made of pink agate, has thirtytwo runes in eleven groups, and first appeared in an early Bristol collection. The rune groups all follow the same rhyming pattern of Old English verse charms and contain certain unrecognisable word forms that the charms also implemented. Here the runes are used with rhyming sound magic possibly O.E Galderbrok, a spoken magical charm. The first and third ring are exhibited in the British Museum, whilst the second ring is held in the National Museum in Copenhagen. rkriuflt kriurithon glstpntol
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