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Runic Inscriptions

36 37 This inscription is found on the end protrusion of a Red Deers antler along the tine, or sharp end, of the piece. Around five inches long it was found in the 1980s at the ancient AngoSaxon settlement site in Brandon, Suffolk. Fifteen AngloSaxon runes are inscribed, the last three worn down by wear and tear. Two words can readily be interpreted, wohs, cognate with OE weox, to grow or increase, and wildum, the ancestral cognate of the word wild. The last five runes likely spell deoran, denoting a beast or animal. Straightforward interpretation produces the statement grow wild animal and leads to the literal truth that the piece grew on a wild animal. Interpreted symbolically the same statement suggests the owner may be utilising the magical power inherent in the animal, increasing the power of this amulet or knife handle. The last rune is a bindrune, in this case a combination of the runes Ac and Nyd. the reddeer Antler from the strength of the stag w o h s w i l d u m d e o r an w o h s w i l d u m d e o r a n
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