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Runic Inscriptions

26 27 The small but significant Isle of Man is home to over thirty Viking runic crosses, dated between the tenth and twelfth centuries and is the unique product of a NorseCeltic society. Kept in the Manx Museum in Douglas this cross fragment records the unfinished runic passage Thorvald erected this cross using the ManxJeran Fuark. Jeran is a district of Norway and is the probable origin of the Vikings who settled in Man. Portrayed upon the stone are episodes from Heathen myths, the first detailing Ragnarok, the Destiny of the Gods, in which Odinn, with a raven, thrusts a spear towards the mouth of the devouring Fenris wolf. Ragnarok may have been regarded as a religious metaphor for the ending of Heathenism. Odinn OE Woden according to legend was a master shaman and wizard and discovered the runes after hanging from Yggdrasil, the World Tree for nine nights. Through their discovery he became a god of speech, language and wisdom. Counterbalanced on the other side of the stone is the god Thor O.E. Thunor holding his hammer and attempting to fish the worldserpent Jormungand from the sea. the AndreAs III stone myths of heathen gods
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