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Runic Inscriptions

22 23 Found in the last century this stone panel was once part of a sarcophagus situated in St. Pauls Churchyard in London where the stone was found. An elegant beast traverses the stone with a snake entwined round its legs this is a stylised reproduction of the lion and snake motif found on the Jelling Runestone in Jutland. It was originally painted in red, white and black with the runes following their archaic practice of being stained in red. The inscription details that, Ginna and Toki had this stone set up in Scandinavian runes. This stone is one of the most elegant and famous examples of the Ringerike style and was probably made during the reign of King Cnut 101635 who introduced it to England. The stone is now in possession of the Museum of London where it can be seen. st PAuls tomBstone black and white and red all over
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