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Runic Inscriptions

8 9 Elksedge most often dwells on the fen, growing in water, severely wounding and marks with blood any man who tries to take it. Sun to seamen is always a joy, when they cross the fishs bath till the brine steed bears them to land. Tir is a guiding mark, he keeps trust with all men, he is always on his path above the nights clouds and never fails. Birch has no fruit yet bears shoots without seeds, glorious in its branches and laden with leaves, touching the sky. The horsehoof proud, is a princes delight in the presence of warriors, when rich men on horseback mix words, and is ever a source of comfort to the restless. Man in his merriment is dear to his kinsmen, yet each is bound to fail his fellow because Sculd by her decree wishes to commit the wretched flesh to the earth. Water seems interminable to men if they have to venture on the rolling ship and the sea waves scare them, and the brine stallion heeds not its bridle. Ing was first seen among the East Danes, then he went east across the waves with his wagon behind him. This is what the warriors called him. The ancestral home is dear to all men, if he can enjoy there in his house whatever is right and proper in continual prosperity. Day, beloved of men, is heavens messenger, the Creators glorious light. It is a joy and comfort to rich and poor and of service to all. Oak feeds the pig for meat for the sons of men, it often fares over the gannets bath. The ocean tests whether the oak keeps honourable faith. The Ash, precious to men, is very tall. Firm in the ground, it keeps its place securely though many men attack it. The Axehammer is a fine piece of wargear. It is a joy and honour to every prince and warrior, fine on a horse and dependable on a journey. Iar is a riverfish and yet it always eats its food on land. It has a fair abode surrounded by water where it lives in happiness. The Grave is hateful to every man, when the flesh grows cold and the pallid body chooses the earth as its consort. Prosperity fades, joys pass away and covenants end.
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