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Runic Inscriptions

6 7 Not much is known about the early runemasters who created these runic alphabets and poems except that they were an elite few and belonged to an oral tradition. This modern interpretation of the rune poem presents us with a preserved insight into the AngloSaxon mind. the rune Poem a new interpretation Wealth is a comfort to everyone, yet each must bestow it freely, if he wants to win a good name before his Lord. Aurochs is fierce and high horned, a savage beast, it fights with its horns, a great roamer of the moorlands it is a creature of mettle. Thorn is extremely sharp, touching it is painful to any warrior, excessively severe for anyone who lies among them. God is the source of all language, a pillar of wisdom and the comfort of the wise, a blessing and joy to every man. Rad is pleasant to every warrior in the hall but strenuous for him who sits upon the back of a strong horse traversing the mile paths. Torch is known to all living creatures by its pale, bright flame it usually burns when nobles rest indoors. Giving is the grace and honour for men, a support and glory, and for any exile a help and sustenance when he has no other. Joy is needed not by him who knows little want, pain and sorrow, and has for himself wealth and bliss and the comfort of towns. Hail is the whitest of corn, from the heights of heaven it whirls in the wind, soon it returns to water. Need constricts the heart, yet it is often a help and salvation to the sons of men if they attend it in time. Ice is very cold and extremely slippery, a floor fair to the sight, wrought by frost, glitters like gems, clear as glass. Harvest is the hope of men when Frigg heavens Queen, the earth to give up bright fruits for rich and poor. Yew is a tree with rough bark, hard and fast in the earth, the guardian of fire, supported by roots, a joy on the homeland. Peorth is always play and laughter to the proud ones, where wives sit in the birthall blithely together.
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