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Runic Inscriptions

Most of the illustrations have been reproduced from George Stephens four volumes The OldNorthern Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England 18661901, with lithographs by J. Magnus Petersen. The illustrations on pages 26, 32, 34, 36, 43b and 48 were meticulously drawn by John Kirkham. Further reading, academic first esoteric last An Introduction to English Runes by R. I. Page, Runes by R. V. W. Elliot, Rudiments of Runelore by S. Pollington and Leaves of Yggdrasil by F. Aswynn. Many thanks to the following for their help and support Benson, Prof. M Barnes and the The Viking Society for Northern Research at the UCL, Andrew Tester and the Suffolk County Archaeological Services, Dr. Helen Geake and the Archaeology Department at the Castle Museum in Norwich, Stephen Grundy, John Kirkham and Steve Pollington. CONTENTS Introduction 1 Origins 2 The AngloSaxon rune poem 4 The Runic Fuorc 10 The Ruthwell Cross 14 The Bewcastle Cross 16 The Falstone Stone 18 The Kirkheaton Stone 20 The St. Pauls Tombstone 22 The Kilbar Stone 24 The Andreas III Stone 26 Maeshowe no. 9 28 Masehowe no. 20 30 The RoeDeer Astragali 32 The Alu Funerry Urn 34 The Red Deer Antler 36 The Hunterston Brooch 38 The Franks Casket 40 The Amulet Rings 44 The Thames Fitting 46 The Thames Scramasax 48 The Sutton Silver Disc 50 A Symmetrical Hypothesis 52 Runic Correspondences 56
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