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Poisonous Plants in GB

18 19 thornApple Datura stramonium Family Solanaceae. Synonyms Devils weed, stinkweed, Devils apple, jimson weed. A tall annual with broad, deeplytoothed leaves and large white trumpet flowers, each with five petals terminating in a point. An occasional of waste ground, although various coloured varieties are grown in gardens. Widely distributed throughout the world, together with a number of similar species. Flowering June to October. The settlers of Jamestown Virginia ate this plant and suffered madness and fatalities hence the name jimsonweed or Jamestownweed. To inhale of the flowers scent too vigorously leaves the inhaler dazed and confused. A deadly poison. Thornapple was a shamanic plant of power in the books about Central American sorcerer Don Juan, by Carlos Castaneda. In Voudon culture a species of datura is used in the zombie potion administered to those who commit crimes against society. The Thugees, who robbed travellers who crossed India used dhat to stupefy their male victims before sacrificing them to Kali, and the sacred dhat flower is also offered to its originator, Shiva, at sacred omphali on the 13th day of the January waxing moon. Smoking datura for the effective relief of asthma was once popularised in Britain by an army general who had encountered it in Hindusthan. Thornapple contains the same tropane alkaloids as deadly nightshade and henbane, and in many respects their medical and entheogenic histories are similar. However in some cases datura intoxication, accompanied by visions of convincing reality, can last for longer than a week and can either be profound or profoundly disturbing. Usually, as the effects abate the memories of the experience also fade. Overdose paralyses the central nervous system and leads to death.
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