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Poisonous Plants in GB

4 For Jack This book is not a field guide and if you want to learn to identify flora and fungi in the wild, you will need to obtain the relevant field guides. My personal preference for flowering plants is The Wildflower Key by Francis Rose. For fungi I use Roger Phillips Mushrooms and other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe which is bulky, but great for its photographs. Thanks go to Lydia Maskell for stoic patience and support, George and Patricia Dorothy Gillam for tales of Queen Annes Lace and lessons in tending the garden, to Mike Slater for enthusiasm and encouragement, and to the kingdom of nature, of which we are each a part, for the materials and the muse. The illustrations are reworked from antiquarian botanical woodcuts, copperplate engravings and lithographs by famous artists. The artists are James Sowerby English Botany 17901813 and Medical Botany 179094, Walther Mller Flora von Deutschland, Elizabeth Johns Flowers of the Field 1889 ed., Ostereich und der Schweiz 1885 and Medizinal Pflanzen 188387, Mordecai Cubitt Cooke Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms 1894, MichaelMartin Rssler Flora Danica 1761, Albin Schmalfuss Fhrer fr Pilzfreunde 1901, G. Bresadola i Funghi Mangerecci e Velenosi 1906. Fly agaric illustration by Scottish engraver William Miller Scottish Cryptogamic Flora 182328. Mandrake by Mattheus Merian Viridarium Reformatum 1719. Frontispiece from the Tacuinum Sanitati of Vienna, Circa 1400. Illustration facing Introduction by Bernard Zuber La Vie Execrable de Guillemete Babin, Sorciere 1926. Title page woodcut from Christian Egenolff Herbarum, Arborum, Fruticum, Frumentorum ac Leguminem 1546. Hercules capturing Kerberos p.3 by Sebald Beham The Labours of Hercules 1545. CONTENTS Introduction 1 A Few Wise Words 2 Monkshood or Wolfsbane 4 White Bryony 6 Black Bryony 8 Deadly Nightshade 10 Black Nightshade 12 Black Henbane 14 Bittersweet 16 Thornapple 18 Mandrake 20 Green and Stinking Hellebore 22 Opium Poppy 24 Lords and Ladies 26 Lily of the Valley 28 Foxglove 30 Dogs Mercury 32 Hemlocks, Cowbane and Dropworts 34 Fools Parsley 36 Autumn Crocus 38 Herb Paris 40 Mezereon and Spurge Laurel 42 Mistletoe and Yew 44 Frosted Fibre Cap and The Sickener 46 Common Ink Cap and Satans Boletus 48 Fly Agaric 50 Panther Cap and Death Cap 52 Destroying Angel 54 Appendix I Types of Poison 56 Appendix II Animals and Poisonous Plants 58
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