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Platonic Solids

If you have enjoyed this Wooden Book others in the series which may be of interest include Sacred Geometry and Sacred Number by Miranda Lundy, Useful Mathematical and Physical Formul by Matthew Watkins and Q.E.D. by Burkard Polster. For those looking for more things polyhedral Keith Critchlows Order In Space Thames Hudson and Peter R. Cromwells Polyhedra Cambridge are both highly recommended. H.S.M. Coxeters Regular Polytopes Dover is the classic 20th Century mathematical text on the subject, and Norman Johnsons Uniform Polytopes Cambridge is an indispensable addition to the literature. Those with access to a manuscript library are well advised to seek out Wenzel Jamnitzers Perspectiva Corporum Regularium 1568. For those wishing to make models Magnus J. Wenningers Polyhedron Models Cambridge, Dual Models Cambridge and Spherical Models Dover cover their respective areas very thoroughly. Shapes, Space and Symmetry by Alan Holden Dover is also good. A range of cut out and make polyhedra books is published by Tarquin Books. George Harts excellent online Encyclopedia of Polyhedra contains over 1000 virtual reality polyhedra, with many accompanying articles and links. It can be found at www.
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