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Platonic Solids

45 44 turnIng the snub cube snub dodecahedron The name snub cube is a loose translation of Keplers name cubus simus, literally the squashed cube. Both the snub cube and the snub dodecahedron are chiral, occurring in dextro and laevo versions. Both versions are illustrated opposite with the dextro versions on the right. The snub cube has octahedral symmetry, and the snub dodecahedron has icosahedral symmetry. Neither has any mirror planes. Of the Platonic and Archimedean Solids the snub dodecahedron is closest to the sphere. The rhombicuboctahedron previous page can be used to make a structure similar to the jitterbug see page 39. Applying a twist to this new structure produces the snub cube below. Twist one way to make the dextro version and the other to make the laevo. The corresponding relationship exists between the rhombicosi dodecahedron and the snub dodecahedron. The five Platonic Solids have been truncated, combined, exploded and twisted into the thirteen Archimedean Solids. Three dimensional space is revealing its order, complexity and subtlety. What other wonders await
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