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Perspective and Illusion

56 57 geTTIng real looking at the world in a new way In The Republic the Greek philosopher Plato 428347 BC likens our lot to that of someone living in a cave, watching shadows on a wall, wondering what is casting them. It is incredible to think that the world we see is simply a product of our senses and the systems we use to make sense of themthe beautiful and extraordinary world out there is, for all nonpractical purposes, still essentially a mystery. How do we really know we are not cheese plants on Venus dreaming all of this Just because our senses are being tickled Perhaps this is why so many sages throughout the ages have referred to the spiritual journey as an awakening, recommending exercises that constantly improve and refine all of our senses. Anyway, I do hope this little book has thrown some new light on things for you, a refreshed perspective of sorts . . . See you
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