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Perspective and Illusion

50 51 oTher senses seeing things differently Next time you see a bee buzzing about a flower, stop to think that the bee is seeing a different flower than you are. Bees perceive ultraviolet light, and flowers use this fact to advertise themselves in higher frequencies shorter wavelengths than we can detect. The picture opposite top shows what the bee might be seeing. Some people 1 in 10 are blessed with a strange condition called synesthesia where their auditory inputs, i.e., words and music, are translated into colours and shapes lower opposite. They often have better memories and make better musicians than the rest of us. Other people can clearly see the glowing auras magnetic fields of living things, sometimes with specific colours that give clues to their health. Some see a vertical line of glowing spinning wheels up the body the chakras of Indian Tantra or filigree lines and pinpricks of light the meridians and nodal points of Chinese medicine. We can hardly imagine what a bat really sees with its ears, nor how the bumps on its back might have evolved to echo sensual music to a mate. Perhaps we are really as blind as bats ourselves. Above The top row shows three species of flower as seen by human eyes, and below, the same flowers as seen by a bee in ultraviolet photo Bjrn Rrslett. Below An artists impression of the kind of overlay that is seen by someone who is synesthetic, as auditory signals are processed by the visual part of the brain to produce colours and shapes. Opposite Kirlian aura photography.
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