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Perspective and Illusion

46 47 moTIon IllusIons the page appeared to be breathing, doctor You do not have to resort to drugs, psychosis, or meditation to have an alternative experience of reality. The illusions shown here are based on the recent work of Akiyoshi Kitaoka, and can seriously affect your universe as they dance, breathe, and rotate. From the gofaster stripes on shoes to the cartoonists just beenthere whizz lines, the illusion of motion is a constant challenge to artists and designers. Spokes on a wheel vanish as it spins faster, and blurred objects are often interpreted as moving. Computer and television screens need to be completely redrawn every twentyfifth of a second to fool your brain into seeing a continuous moving image. Many simple organisms only see things when they change, and most people are highly stimulated by motion e.g., driving a car. Some people get hooked on flux, others fear it, while Taoists and Buddhists recommend sitting by a waterfall and contemplating life as stillness in motion.
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