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Perspective and Illusion

44 45 percepTual IllusIons malfunctional clues to the system There are some illusions that really show up the cracks and biases in our basic vision, and a few are presented here. You may need to bring the book a bit closer to your eyes for them to work. Focus on the dot at the centre of either one of the circles below and watch as your eyes grow bored of registering the subtle grays. Next observe the excitation and inhibition operation of your eyes centresurround cells in the pictures on the top row opposite. Separate areas of the brain deal with what things are and where they are. Your slow where system is best at dealing with motion, depth, space and figureground perception, whereas your fast what system is colourblind and much more sensitive to high contrasts. Kitaokas illusion centre left uses this to great effect. Centresurround cells are themselves grouped into oriented arrays, which detect curves and angles. The final three images opposite all play on this to create powerful illusions where circles seem like spirals, and straight lines appear warped, or broken. the Hermann Grid illusion the Lingelbach scintillating grid illusion the Fraser Spiral illusion Kitaokas two surfaces illusion the Bristol Cafe Wall illusion the Poggendorf illusion
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