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Perspective and Illusion

40 41 upsIDe Down left to right and round about Our brains construct an incredibly real world for us. Most people can navigate their homes in the dark, picturing a shelf and its objects. Even with the lights on, it may be said that the world basically exists within us, and probably very differently in each of us too. So to help the mind realise what it is doing, why not try turning the world inside out, back to front, or possibly upside down The pictures on this page all show a different take on things when simply rotated. The images below, and the two small faces opposite require a rotation of 180o. Eschers lithograph of staircases has threefold rotational viewing possibilities opposite top left, and Johann Martin Wills 1780 zoomorphic engraving displays a hidden animal when rotated clockwise by just 90o opposite below. The odd one out is the Margaret Thatcher image below. Special areas of the brain that deal with eyes and mouths are much more interested in them alone than whether they are in the right place. b y G u st a v e V er b ec k , 1 90 4 cr ea te d b y P e te r Th om p so n , 1 98 0
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