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Perspective and Illusion

30 31 relaTIvITy rules compared to what Most perceptions are relative. Have you ever experienced a moment of panic, stuck in a car in heavy traffic, when a truck slowly passes by but gives the impression that you are rolling backwards Likewise, if you place one hand in a bowl of hot water, and the other in a bowl of cold, then remove and plunge them into some tepid water, each will give you a response relative to its immediate past, not an objective impression. Then there is the strange case of large and small objects which weigh exactly the samethe larger ones feel considerably lighter than the smaller, just because we expect them to weigh more. In a related example below the two central circles are the same size. In the powerful tone diagrams opposite, you can actually perceive yourself perceiving tones relative to their background as you struggle with changing tones where there are none. Try covering up the shaded backgrounds to remove the effects. Likewise, wealth, personal morality, and happiness levels are all experienced as largely relative to those of your close peers. identical rhombs appear lighter at the bottom a solid tone bar appears lighter on the right the small rectangles are all the same shade identical squares seem lighter on the right the dark squares outside the shadow are the same shade as the light squares in the shadow the squares are all the same shade but appear darker on the left, lighter on the right
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