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Perspective and Illusion

22 23 reFlecTIons through the looking glass Mirrors are fascinating things. Why, for instance, do they flip you lefttoright, but not turn you upsidedown They somehow hint at another world, a counterbalance to this one. Eschers beautiful 1950 study of ripples in a pond below, hints at three worlds, the world of the trees themselves, the world of surfaces and reflections, and the world of fishes below. Why do we speak of reflecting on something Is the mind some kind of surface Perhaps perceptions are reflections The answer to the question at the start of this page is that mirrors dont flip youyour right side is shown to the right, your left to the left, your top at the top and your feet at the bottom Above A rectilinear object parallel to a mirror is easy to draw in reflection, as is the same object set at 45o to a mirror plane. Further mirror angles require the vanishing points to be carefully established. Below Reflections in water.
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