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Perspective and Illusion

18 19 perspecTIve IllusIons when equal things seem unbalanced The illusion created by perspective is so pervasive that it throws up all sorts of strange effects. If you hold your hands in front of you, with one at arms length in front of one eye, and the other half arms length in front of the other, they will still seem the same size. This is for the simple reason that your brain knows they are the same size. Similarly, yet conversely, in Roger Shepards table opposite top left both tabletops are exactly the same rectangle, yet your brain distorts them based on perspectival clues in the picture. Herringbone patterns opposite top right likewise bend perfectly parallel lines, and visible vanishing points bend the space around them causing all sorts of seeming inequalities between measurably perfectly equal elements below and opposite. Most of these illusions are noticeably weaker for traditional peoples unused to perspectival art or cityscapes, suggesting that perspective illusions are broadly brainbased hypotheses.
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