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Perspective and Illusion

12 13 OE Old English, MO Modern English, ON Old Norse, Sc Scottish. The fascinating extension of the primary geometry of perspective into two, three, four, and fivepoint systems is shown here. From the edgeon twopoint system, to the lofty threepoint, the floating curved verticals of the skyscrapers of fourpoint, or the global fisheye lens provided by fivepoint, each method has a specific character, place and function, and all are easily mastered with a small amount of practice. threepoint perspective fourpoint perspective fivepoint perspective Two To FIve poInTs vanishing in every direction The use of vanishing points was extended, in the centuries after their discovery, to represent space in a variety of novel ways. Artists often employ two horizontally separated vanishing points shown below, ideal for objects or views which are corner on. Verticals, instead of being parallel, can also be represented as converging on a point through the addition of a third vanishing point opposite top, a projection often used in comic strips. For an even more comprehensive, albeit distorted and fisheye, view of the world, try four, or even five, vanishing points, using curved space opposite lower left and right.
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