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Perspective and Illusion

10 11 onepoInT perspecTIve the dot on the horizon If you stand in front of an avenue of trees, or look down a street, the objects in front of you seem to get smaller the further away they are from you, converging on a vanishing point on the horizon. A system of scientific perspective based on this perception first appeared around 1405 when Brunelleschi famously drew the octagonal Baptistry beside the Duomo in Florence, and noticed the way that the diagonal vanishing points framed his picture e.g., below. By 1436, in Della Pitura, Alberti was able to clearly describe the fundamental principles of perspective the fixed observing point, the central vanishing point vpc, and a picture plane with two further planes set at 45o which converge to left and right vanishing points vpl and vpr, these both the same distance from the central vanishing point as the observer from the canvas the observer should ideally stand in this special place for maximum effect. If the viewing angle in onepoint perspective is too wide then distortions occur lower opposite and for this reason it is generally limited to 60o. fr om V re d em an d e V r ie s s P e rsp e c t iv e , Th e H a gu e L e id en , 1 60 4 fr om Th e J e su it s P e rsp e c t iv e , P a r is , 1 64 2 vpl vpc vpr
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