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Perspective and Illusion

2 3 The DepTh IllusIon a short history of points of view Perspective creates the illusion of depth on a flat surface, and its history is crudely shown here in three fundamental stages. Firstly, an Egyptian wallpainting from the 1200 BC Tomb of Siptah below depicts a table seen in elevation fronton, with Anubis standing behind it, reaching over with arms which occlude, or block out, the mummy. Front and side view orthographic straighton and later oblique slanting projections form the backbone of world representational art from antiquity right up to the Renaissance. The second picture top right, from Bettini, 1642 shows a multi pinhole camera obscura projecting perfect reversed images of the world onto a wall in a darkened room. The engraving is itself constructed in onepoint perspective, with a revolutionary vanishing point. Finally below right, we have a modern stereogram. Gaze through the page, merging the white dots, and a 3D figure will appear.
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