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Perspective and Illusion

to Luca Many thanks to Dan Davidson for starting this project, to Professor Fred Dubery of the Royal Academy for his assistance and to Peter Beaussart for access to his library. Original artwork on pages 12, 13, 21 23 by Dan Goodfellow. Some pictures are by the author, and others have been taken from a wide variety of sources, including The Jesuits Perspective Paris, 1642, LAtmosphre by Camille Flammarion Paris, 1888 and Popular Scientific Recreations by Gaston Tissandier London 1885. Thanks to the M. C. Escher Company for permission to reproduce the pictures on pages 22, 33, 35, and 41 and to Professor Akiyoshi Kitaoka for permission to reproduce his pioneering work. Further recommended reading Eye and Brain by Richard Gregory, The Science of Art by Martin Kemp, and New World, New Mind by Robert Ornstein and Paul Ehrlich Methuen 1989. CONTENTS Introduction 1 The Depth Illusion 2 Orthographic Projections 4 Oblique Projections 6 The Isometric System 8 Onepoint Perspective 10 Two to Five Points 12 Drawing Machines 14 Some Perspective Basics 16 Perspective Illusions 18 Shadows 20 Reflections 22 Mirages and Projections 24 Light on Form 26 Atmospheric Perspective 28 Relativity Rules 30 Figure and Ground 32 Impossible Objects 34 Contextual Clues 36 The Cartooning Mind 38 Upside Down 40 Making Sense of the Light 42 Perceptual Illusions 44 Motion Illusions 46 Its Magic 48 Other Senses 50 Rainbows and Moonbows 52 Halos and Glories 54 Getting Real 56 Above One of John Ruskins perspectival analyses of cloud formations from his Modern Painters, London 1856.
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