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Nature Spirits

58 The PenTaGram An ancient pagan symbol, signifying the four elements of earth, air, fire and water, with the fifth, spirit. The circle around it can signify protection, and the world. Also represents the goddess. Used for protection, empowerment, charging magical items, invoking and banishing, it can additionally be used for blessing, as it represents the harmony of the goddess, the balance of the universe. Reversed it is known as an earthing pentagram, pointing down and directing the energies earthwards. It also represents the horned god. It has nothing to do with Satan, everything to do with Venus, and is helpful and positive in its effects. The aWen A Celtic symbol, also known as The Three Rays. Represents the three worlds, the three paths leading to Earth, heaven and faery. The three races human faery animal. The triple goddess triple god , mother father child. Invokes inspiration and harmony. Used in otherworld journeys for safe passage. Shows a friendly traveller the way. Chanted to encourage vision, invoke spirit harmony and right action. The TriPle sPiral A Celtic symbol of the Goddess as maiden, mother and crone. Represents the three realms. Protective and blessing. The sPiral An even older symbol than the triple spiral, it represents the spinning of the universe, the movement of planets around the sun and the passage of time. Also the endless outpouring of creation and its reverse. Therefore symbolic of the breathing in an out of the Source itself. With nature spirits it forms a basis for common understanding, and thus like the triple spiral and the awen attracts assistance and can grant safe passage in otherworldly realms. The Vesica Piscis The sign of two circles overlapping is a very ancient symbol of a the goddess as interdimensional portal, via her birth canal, the vulvalike shape of the circles intersection. The two circles represent the earthly world and the otherworld, among other interpretations. DoWsinG Dowsing is a general term for various methods of divining earth energies and finding water sources, amongst other uses. Thin forked hazel branches or copper Lshaped rods are held loosely but steadily straight ahead of the practitioner, who walks slowly around a landscape, sacred site etc. Currents of earth energy, spirit roads, threads of the web can be detected by a clear and definite movement of the rods that is unintentional and distinct. Other dowsing methods include the use of pendulums which reveal yes no answers via back and forth or circular movements. Pendulums are particularly useful when dowsing over a map rather than whilst walking. raTTles, Drums anD maGical GarDeninG Simple percussive instruments have been used by shamans across the world for millennia. Repetitive beats assist in changing consciousness, shamanic flight and spirit invocation. These instruments, like other magical tools, have spirits of their own which can be honoured and befriended. They also have practical as well as spiritual applications, for example, using a seedfilled rattle when planting or sowing. Invoking earth, plant, water and fire solar allies creates a ritual aspect to the physical work which creates a greater alignment with the universe and has commonly acknowledged positive effects on the plants growth. Some rattles are also useful when calling in rain spirits, via the similarity of the sounds created. This draws upon a magical law of likeattractinglike, known as sympathetic magic. It is for this reason that drumbeats are so useful for journeying, as they resonate with the heartbeat, in turn transforming the travellers energy field and state of consciousness. sssshhh The most important technique is the most simple. Learn to listen, learn to feel try not to tell the world or the spirits too often how clever you are, how powerful or how psychic, and try not to tell them endlessly how bad, lost or small you are either it is not really important, and adds to the endless deafening human chatter that blocks the way for so many. Instead, try to spend some time each day just listening to the wind in the trees, to the birds singing, to the messages from your loved ones and from spirits alike. And each day, try to feel the wind on your face, the rain on your cheek, and the gentle tugging, shifts and callings of your own spirit, and your own unique thread of the web. Maybe some will notice the change in you, most will not, but in time your pulse will beat in rhythm with the heart of the Earth herself, and your spirit will shine with the brilliance of the stars.
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