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Nature Spirits

44 45 divine fire the lightning flash Sudden and sharp, ripping the sky with silver daggers, the lightning flash is the most magical and majestic of fire spirits. Created without human contact, it manifests as suddenly as it vanishes. Lightning, as a spark from heaven, contains all the power and energy of Source and divinity, and in one awesome instant can change everything that it strikes forever. The druids taught that lightning is particularly powerful when it strikes an oak tree, associated with the gods of storm such as Taranis, Thor and Zeus. Lightningstruck oak is a powerful talisman, and such trees were of primary importance to ancestral druids as the energetic fusion of earth and sky. Lightning has always been honoured and feared, as it signifies the divine inception of mother earth by father sky. It is possible during thunder and lightning to open up ones aura and energy field to the divine chaos of the storm, and be swept clean of energies that are no longer needed, as well as receiving sudden illumination. Caution is strongly advised, but exposing bare flesh to the elements without going to a dangerously exposed spot during such extreme weather is often enough to be of benefit. The aim is to feel the air and rain which the lightning rides, rather than to be struck. With intent and invocation, the energy will penetrate the body and unblock stuck areas of illness and disease on all levels. To work with lightning requires bravery and honesty, not bravado or macho foolishness. Lightning rips away all that is past and redundant, so it is best not to hold on to illusions. Instead, meet these spirits as a vulnerable mortal, intelligent enough to respectfully ask their assistance. Try not to provoke disaster. Be illuminated rather than destroyed.
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