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Nature Spirits

42 43 Kind fire spirits of the candle flame The soft golden light of a flickering candle is a powerful symbolit calms and comforts, encouraging hope and stillness. A solitary flame is all that is needed to utterly transform darkness, within or without. Often used for meditation, it both represents the soul and lights the way in order to commune with it. Candles are common features in temples and churches for the same reason, the living flame guiding the way to spirit where brighter light would forbid such subtle shifts of consciousness. It is important to remember that candle flames are fire spirits, with as much power and potential as the greatest inferno, volcano or forest fire. Consciously connecting with these flickering sparks of divinity, and lighting a candle with special intent is powerful in its simplicity. The spirits of candle flames are wise and transformative, despite their brief lifespan, and have been questioned and conversed with for millennia, from the time of Solomon to todays modern Wiccans. This is done by opening the perceptions, and observing and interpreting the weaving, twisting and bowing movements of the flame, which form a kind of body language. Whether beholding a candle, hearth or bonfire, gazing into flames is often hypnotic and rewarding. Candles are also useful for spellwork, as developed by medieval magicians. Specifically coloured candles anointed with special oils or inscribed with relevant symbols are burnt with magical intent to align with the desired outcome, often by correspondence with astrological or angelic forces. Although they must be respected, the divine spark of fire and flame burning into the darkness, and the sleeping embers of a banked hearth are a sacred gift to mankind, warming bones and hearts from the cold.
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