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Nature Spirits

40 41 Wild fire fire spirits, serpents and salamanders Fire holds a special place in the human imagination. Its flickering light danced upon the cave walls that sheltered our ancestors in the furthest past, and the shadows it cast drew images and symbols of the spirit world, close enough to touch but impossible to grasp. The fire spirits were considered the kin of the Sun god in ages past, and offerings were burnt as gifts to them to ensure the Suns return. Essential for warming, cooking and bringing light, they ignite the human spirit with vision and divine illumination, instilling passion and courage. The afrits and djinn of Arabian folklore consist entirely of divine flame, and were the messengers of magician kings whose power depended totally upon their sometimes unwilling service. The legendary Pheryllt druid fire masters and early alchemists dedicated themselves to the study of fire, believing that the spirits of all things manifested as smoke when burnt, this forming the basis of their study of spiritual transformation. Both fire and fire sprits have long been associated with spiritual energy. Tales of the burning bush and the history of eternal flames, tended by the Vestal Virgins and the priestesses of Brigid in Kildare are testimony to its role, representing spiritual transformation and mastery. Life force or kundalini is also known as the serpent fire, which allows greater access to divinity within the person as it is raised through the body. Above Salamanders are the basic form of fire elementals. Like dragons, they are both the flame and the fuel of the fire, and are invoked in ritual to represent the element of fire, and the direction of south.
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