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Nature Spirits

34 35 The four WindS cardinal kings of the air Classically, there are four cardinal winds, mighty air spirits which are the equivalent of kings, known as the Anemoi in ancient Greece. The first, the North Wind, Boreas, brings winter and night. Presiding over banishings, he freezes and blows away negative energy. Boreas aids in contacting spirits of the dead, which travel to the realms of the living on his freezing breath. He also presides over rest and deep sleep, helping animals with their hibernation, and soothing the passage into death for those with hypothermia. He brings ice, snow, and gales. The second, Eurius, the East Wind, brings the spring and the dawn. He governs growth, fertility, ideas and new beginnings, youth and beauty. Eurius helps with magic and magical training, and cares for children. He brings dew and rain, tending to the first shoots, the snowdrops and the primroses, as well as the first shoots of ideas, potential, and all living things. He is inception, the first breath upon the waters, at the very beginning of creation. Thirdly, the South Wind, Notus, brings the summer and noon. He presides over matters of love, passion, and fidelity, as well as prosperity, maturity and longevity. Notus brings the energy of life in full bloom, of parenthood and comfortable responsibility. He brings warm winds, and is especially helpful in easing drought. Finally, Zephyrus, the West Wind, brings autumn and evening. He presides over testing and initiations, spells and matters of healing and release. Closely connected to the moon, he oversees dreams, intuition, and deeper magicks, sometimes known as the Mysteries. He brings clarity from confusion, but also shields with mist and rain.
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