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Nature Spirits

32 33 air SPiriTS sylphs and storms. Air spirits, or sylphs, can be felt and seen in the breath that stirs wheat fields, in the winds that shape endless vistas of clouds, and in the ripples that skim across still pools. They animate washing lines and rattle doors. In many magical traditions they are attributed to the east, the season of spring, and their energies related to those of communication, intellect, sudden inspiration, youthful exuberance and illumination. Sylphs are especially responsive when called, and their presence is easily felt as an inexplicable breeze on a still day, or when working indoors. They are usually friendly, even playful, and feeling their presence can be extremely pleasurable, but on occasion they can also be very fierce indeed. Weather fronts are combination hives of air, water and, sometimes, fire spirits, which form into massive beings, called titans if on a planetary scale. When they are part of the spirit collective of a storm, sylphs can become very dangerous and totally unconcerned with human safety. However, like the famous Ariel, in Shakespeares The Tempest, spirits of the air can also be excellent, if wayward, allies whose presence can make tired human spirits soar and the most fettered imagination reach new heights and wider horizons. Their whisper in mortal ears provokes longing and yearning, ripping away constraints and conventions with the ease of dead leaves blown across a lawn.
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