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Nature Spirits

30 31 Tree SPiriTS communion with the dryads Tree spirits, sometimes called by their classical name dryads, are ancient and venerable beings. Beneath their many green boughs a simple air of sacredness and stillness can be found. The green and gold light shining through the leaves soothes the soul, and their quiet steady strength lends courage to the weary. Even the deva of a small sapling, via the hive consciousness of all trees of which it is a tiny part, can be very wise and powerful. Although they can assume many different forms, dryads are often humanlike in appearance, albeit sometimes much taller. Venerated by the druids, who derive their name from duir oak, king of the woods, trees are perhaps the most powerful spirits on the physical realm. When gathered together they form the sacred groves of antiquity, hallowed cathedrals of nature, where all living things may find their home. These beings are usually communed with in a very simple way. Whilst sitting at the base of a tree, breathing and feeling its presence, the attention is drawn down into the trees roots, anchored and supported by the Earth. As the energy fields gradually merge, a journey in inner vision is made to meet the spirit of the tree. Good practice includes initially asking the tree how it and the surrounding environment can be helped and protected, as well as asking to be shown how to improve communication with it. Another powerful technique, if the dryad allows it, involves breathing in as the dryad breathes out and viceversa, forming a mutual energetic exchange. This can provide healing and insights, subtly increasing connection to the web. By such simple activities, peace and balance can be restored across the world, just as naturally as the branches touch the sky and the deep roots embrace the soil.
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