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Nature Spirits

26 27 earTh magic the secrets of roots and green shoots Sitting or standing in silence and stillness, the consciousness of the Earth can be felt beneath the feet like rising tree sap, its slow rhythms encouraging peace, and teaching the cycles of growth and decay. Strengthening and enriching, earth energies are the life force of the whole planet. In the Celtic lands, earth spirits often have had long, if troublesome, friendships with humans. Folklore tells of how piskies and leprechauns guard places beneath the earth, and the hidden treasures of ancient kings. They are given offerings of food and drink at the entrances to their realm to encourage their friendship. In Buddhist lore, the yakshas, once the tutelary gods of forests and villages, became over time the caretakers of tree roots and hidden buried treasure. Meanwhile, Scottish trows, living in the hills of the Orkneys, are often avoided because of their love of borrowing. But they mean no harm, and their love of dancing is legendary. The ability to ground and draw off energies that have had their time is a core quality of earth spirits. They teach stability and endurance, and reveal Earths great abundance. Their magic can be called upon when planting wishlists under fruit trees, and their healing and empowerment can be received simply by walking barefoot upon the soil. Earth spirits are constant companions to humanity, who by their steady influence flourish like the crops in the fields and the flowers along the path. Above As humans have become increasingly separated from their environment Earth spirits have sometimes seemed threatening and alien to closed mortal minds. In fact, they are usually quite friendly when time is given to understanding them.
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