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Nature Spirits

24 25 earTh healing the gifts of nature Humans have long held the Earth to be the mother from which all life springs and to which all life returns. Hailed as Isis in Egypt, Gaea in Greece, and Mawu in Africa, her ancient names are endless. While humans have become like greedy children, the earth spirits work tirelessly to serve and heal her. They tend not only to places of beauty and unspoilt wildernessthe filthiest of factories and concretecovered cities receive their care with equal love and devotion. Here they can work tirelessly, caring for and cleansing the Earth beneath, and the polluted air above. Earth spirits will also heal people. Holed stones, sometimes called hag stones, are still used in the Celtic tradition by witches and folk healers. Smaller holed stones may be used for healing by either using the stone spirits receptive energies to draw off illnesses, or using its giving qualities to imbue the person with healing earth energy. Sometimes earth and water spirits combine to assist a healerwater poured upon such a stone is empowered and charged, and can be used to bathe the inflicted part. Crystal healing is, of course, another form of working with earth spirits. Mankind can help the Earth in return. Asking the earth spirits to help in the garden, with open spaces, tree planting or rubbish collecting empowers these acts. A popular modern technique is to join with the earth spirits in meditation, visualising the Earth, and with them sending it loving attention and energy, which the earth spirits will direct and put to good use. Yet another way is to use a stone as a focus for the work, sending out its spirit energy, drawn from Source. Microcosm and macrocosm magically resonate to hugely amplify the energy and spread it across the whole world, even from the simplest of prayers.
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