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Nature Spirits

22 23 earTh SPiriTS stillness, stones and crystals There are some places across the planet where the power of earth spirits can be felt clearly and tangibly. Rocky outcrops, shadowed gorges, sacred hills, stone circles, caves and caverns sometimes hold a special energy, quiet and brooding. Heavy with the gravity of time, the stillness of rock and soil, the spirits of these places speak to those who can hear of the wisdom of the evergiving Earth. Sometimes invoking fear and dread by their dense energy, these beings are known in Europe as gnomes, or dark elves, but there are many others, with many names, some now forgotten. Earth spirits and elementals consist mostly of earth energy, but can involve other elements, as in the spirits of volcanoes, where earth and fire spirits combine, or soil beings, where earth and plant spirits merge. Earth spirits are often concerned with plants and trees, evolving into and from tree spirits, or tending the beginnings of life, deep below the surface of the soil. As crystal spirits, they hold the knowledge and memories of the Earth since its birth. The seams of precious metals and glimmering gems are the slow moving blood of the planet, endlessly pulsing with life force. Assisting the shamans and magicians of antiquity, as well as the healers of the new age, they adorn sacred artefacts from the tools of ancient Egypt, to the quartzcovered barrows of the British Isles. Earth spirits are more easily felt in places of natural beauty where the strength and health of the earth energy is flourishing. In places where the earth is ruined their sadness and grief is painful. They are revealed in the shifts of the earthquake, and the weeds that break their way through the concrete. No damage we do is stronger than their love of earth, and they will remain strong when we are but a memory, and dust in the soil.
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