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Nature Spirits

20 21 Seer SighT cultivating devic vision In Celtic folk tales, the many beings with one eye, one leg and one arm hint at the druidic technique of viewing and walking in this world and the otherworld simultaneously. The seers of the Celtic tradition attest to a perception of the spirits of nature and faery overlaying the landscape around them, glimmering at the corner of the eye, and being seen at will through various practices which enhance the devic vision. As recorded by the Robert Kirk 16441692, author of The Secret Commonwealth, and folklorists such as Walter Evans Wentz 18781965, Celtic seers would call in their spirit cousins, sometimes sharing their eyes with trusted spirit allies, the otherworldly hosts appearing in a sudden rush all about them. This is still practised today. Increasing perception, it aids the understanding between life forms and creates a magical alliance between beings which is far greater than their individual potential. Sometimes visions of great clarity and power may be experienced, as the devas, tree spirits and seers allies communicate meaning through symbolism and create energetic patterns which activate evolution in the psyche. Although the skill is often inherited, with patience and practice otherworldly vision can become second nature, expanding perceptions until the individuals sense of reality blends seamlessly with spirit, infusing the mundane world with magic and meaning. Above Second sight. This technique is best used at a place which allows views across a whole landscape. Firstly, allies are called. Then, letting the eyes relax their focus, and perhaps covering one eye with the hand, shimmering shapes and colours, shifting forms and impressions of movement may be seen. These images are particularly noticeable in tree branches.
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