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Nature Spirits

18 19 coPPer and cold iron cutting and mending the threads The web of life, stretching across the universe in lines of spirit paths, rivers, ley lines and other currents of energy that form and bind all things, is known worldwide, and has been illustrated in many forms. This is the tie that binds all people and places, the flow of chi, the spirit cord that holds the soul to the body, the connection between loved ones and generations, binding nations and beliefs with equal ease. It is the great world serpent Ourobaros who eats its tail, and the many ancient snake goddesses. The current of this vital life force may be dowsed with hazel forks or copper rods. Nonferrous metals, such as copper, bronze and silver, are particularly attuned to this energy, which can be thought of as similar to lightning and water in its vibration. Conversely, iron and lead both block the flow of earth energies, sealing in life force and absorbing it. As the antithesis of the magical metals, iron is particularly known throughout faery lore to banish spirits and cause pain to otherworldly beings, hence the old use of horseshoes for protection against them. Faeries particularly love silver, and magic was woven by the druids of the past by ringing silver bells, a sound traditionally associated with the otherworld. This draws in good spirits and builds energy, its positive vibrations ringing across the web in an endless chime of blessings and otherworldly blisssilvery ripples across the fabric of life itself.
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