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Nature Spirits

14 15 guardianS and guideS cousins and cowalkers Every nation and spiritual tradition has its guardians and guidesancient, invisible allies that have accompanied humankinds footsteps from the caves mouth to the present. Where Christians have angels, and Native American shamans their power animals the spirit of eagle and bear to lend them protection and vision, in Britain Robert Kirk revealed in the 17th century how our Gaelic ancestors also had their cousins and co walkers. These otherworldly relatives, whose lives mirrored theirs, offered help and companionship, whispering wisdom in their ears and carrying healing energy from the goddess within the land to be spread out across the Earth, via the hands of the cunning men, folk healers and witches. These benevolent beings are thought to be always available to assist humans. Although their appearance can be a matter of cultural and religious resonance, a common thread is that they too benefit from giving their care. Humans, in turn, can then assist them, by their unique physicality and also by participation in the great toandfro of energy, in and out of manifested existence and back to the Source again. Seers and spirit workers may have the same group of guides their whole lives, and some beings are attached to a specific bloodline or tribe through generations. Prayers, offerings and attention are always factors in gaining allies, yet the methods of connection with these beings vary as much as the cultures that embrace them, and are as unique as any other friendship. Above Humans have long valued their guardians and guides, unseen friends that walk through the mortal realm at their side, and whose breath on the wind brings comfort and promise.
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