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Nature Spirits

10 11 faerieS the strange and shining sidhe Faeries can evoke both fear and yearning in mortal minds. Folklore relates how they were the first race, created at the beginning of time. Dwelling primarily in a subtle realm called by the Celts the Otherworld, that is distinct from but overlays our own, they can, according to many human encounters with them, communicate with and traverse all realms as they wish. Hive beings, their telepathic abilities are so strong as to make them almost of one mind, but they are also capable of extreme wildness and individuality. Faeries can be of any size and are often much larger than humans, but in the past they gained the title of little people, to play down their powers to concerned clerics, according to many folklorists and academics. Faeries sometimes become allied with other life forms and evolve again, integrating this new energetic pattern. A popular modern belief is that they assume an appearance drawn from our minds to communicate meaning and expression, but it is not always so. Thus faeries connected to earth spirits may wear robes of crystal, or leaves. Others assume half animal forms, beasts and birds. Some have plumes of energy radiating from their heads as they attune to the deep primal energy of the planet, en route to merging with the Source. Their ways are often strange and unfathomable, and being touched by faerie can be both a gift and a curse, leaving a mortal dead, mad or a poet, as the bards relate. 137.3o 137.5o 137.6o The gentry or shining ones such as the Irish Tuatha de Danaan are so powerful as to be considered gods, and often appear to seers as very tall and beautiful with shining luminescent bodies. They are much closer to Source than humans and can choose to evolve over their vast life spans into what A.E.Russell described as opalescent beings, which tend to the wellbeing of the planet herself.
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